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Client Testimonials

The Organized Difference saved me literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. With Lynda's help, we were able to organize our tiny house in a way that made it functional and comfortable for my growing family. With the impending birth of my second child, my husband and I were considering purchasing a larger, and by virtue of being in California, much more expensive house. As a realtor, I knew that to purchase another house with one more bedroom, we would be looking at houses at least $200,000 to $300,000 more than what we paid for our home. With the systems Lynda Holt and The Organized Difference implemented in our home, we now have a working office, a master bedroom where we can find our clothes and shoes in less than 5 minutes, a guest room, and future room for our children. We also got a garage that can also actually hold a car in it as well! Lynda made our home feel like a new house and allowed us to stick with our plan of being in our house for at least 2 years more. Also, by having her systems in place, we spend much less time looking for things and maintaining a neat house. I have recommended Lynda to colleagues and friends with total confidence, and will continue to do so. She is worth every penny!!!!  Thanks Lynda for giving us our home back!!!
T. L., Homemaker,
                        Working Mother of Two

Working with Lynda Holt is like taking a fast "E-Ticket" ride at Disneyland - fasten your seatbelts because there are sharp turns, surprises and lots of thrills ahead!  It's well worth the money.  With Lynda as your caring guide and disciplined coach, it's amazing how quickly a cluttered room or unorganized area can be transformed into a clear, functional space.  I was amazed at how much better the "energy" of my house felt once I threw out the junk, and I've been incredibly more efficient and focused in my home office since following Lynda's guidelines.  Thank you Lynda!

J. S., Self-Employed Professional

We went from bleary-eyed with exhaustion to wide-eyed with joy when Lynda came into our home. When my partner and I moved into our small cottage, with our dog and cat, while both working full time, we had only enough energy to make it functional. However, with Lynda, it became our sanctuary!  After one day with Lynda, our home felt more spacious and clear. Since then, we have both become more inspired and energized to complete our home improvement projects. Now we can't wait to come home to our haven at the end of every day!  Thank you Lynda!

R.T., Business Development Professional

I had to temporarily move my office from a 16' x 20' space into a 10' x 12' space and had to reside in it for a year. Lynda did an amazing job of organizing that small space to accommodate all of my needed equipment and files so that they were readily and easily accessible. She quickly understood what my day-to-day needs were and designed and implemented an efficient and comfortable workspace.

R.R., C.P.A.

The Organized Difference (Lynda) did exactly what I needed. The rooms she did made a great difference with everything in its place.

S.B, Dentist


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Liane C. & Donna O., Working Professionals & New Moms